Proactive Grieving

Mitch Carmody and Alan Pedersen present a limited number of one-day workshops in many U.S. cities each year.  The two have been collaborating since 2009 on a program aimed at sharing hope and healing with the bereavement community as well as their caretakers.  What has transpired is “Proactive Grieving” which combines their music, art, writing and grief journey into a powerful and healing program. 

Their Mission Statement details what they hope to accomplish in these original and unique workshops “As two bereaved fathers we know intimately the long and difficult journey of processing grief in our lives. Our work, our mission, individually and together is to reach out to the bereaved community at large and bring them hope that there is life after death on both sides of the equation.  We are “Facilitators of Proactive Grieving" not only because that describes best what we are doing and who we are, but more globally describes an emerging paradigm shift in how we process the devastating losses that may incur in our lives. 

We want to teach, illustrate and share what we have learned on our journey to help others on theirs.  Through music, art and provocative dialogue we provide insight into avenues of processing grief in a proactive way.  We teach how to discover creative ways to assuage the pain and activate new potentials that can allow us to live productively with our loss for the rest of our lives.  We teach how to embrace our grief and to actively seek joy again and when joy does come, accept it without guilt. 

By taking charge of our grief journey by proactively grieving we can process the loss and accept the daunting challenge to survive.  We substantiate our loved ones life by the way we live ours; we reclaim our lives and turn loss to legacy.”